Monday, February 16, 2009

The Baccousa

Finding a proper place for the litter boxes has always been an issue. At our last house, the boxes were in the upstairs guest bathroom. When we began building this house, we had three cats at the time, and would no longer have a guest bathroom (we were customizing the second bath as handicapped accessible for Mom). Since we would have unused space under the stairs going up to the finished room over the garage, we decided to build a cat door in the mudroom to give them access to this space. We put a door to the area from the garage so we could get to the boxes for cleaning. Their private toilet even has a light. Such spoiled kitties. When the muralist was here, I asked her to come back and paint something over the entrance. I decided on 'baccousa', since my husband is Italian. Baccousa is an Italian-American term for the toilet. I think it originally referred to the back house (outhouse). My sister-in-law still uses this word.


  1. Oh, how I wish! This is absolutely hilsriously fabulous!!!

    M ^..^

  2. Oh... is that not the best idea!! I wish I had a space like that for my babies! Unfortunately, they have their box in the laundry room...not much of an option...but I will keep your great idea in mind. Love the mural!...Debbie