Monday, January 12, 2009

What Not to Say to Potential Clients

Last week my Mom's insurance agent came to the house to introduce himself (and to see if he could sell us some additional coverage). He was a polite young man. When he came in, he graciously said how nice our home was and was very solicitous, asking about our health and if we had enjoyed the past holidays. Then he said it. He innocently remarked, "You really remind me of my Mom".

I can't imagine the stunned look that must have crossed my face as I struggled to regain my composure. It was bad enough when the bag boys at the grocery store started calling me ma'am, but having a grown man tell me I look like his mother was almost more than I could bear. I admit I'm only a few days shy of my 54th birthday - and I have a grandson. But I've never had children of my own and I have never thought of myself as a mother. Whatever else he had to say after that was lost in a fog. The poor guy obviously thought he was paying me a compliment, but a slap in the face would have been more welcome.

Even though bifocals and menopause serve as a reminder to the contrary, on the inside I'm still a childless 30-something, wondering what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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