Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tennessee Wedding

This past weekend we travelled to Tennessee for the wedding of my cousin’s son.  My cousin and her husband graciously put up the out-of-town family at a nice resort condo in Pigeon Forge.   It was wonderful to see so many members of my family…we rarely get together since we have spread out geographically.  Friday night after the rehearsal we got lost trying to follow a caravan of vehicles in the dark, in the rain, on I-40 in Knoxville.  Saturday morning we got up early and bought a GPS before the wedding. Those are fantastic little gadgets.  Previously, I’d privately scoffed at the idea of purchasing one – I couldn’t imagine why we would need one.  But now I know better.P1000894
After I got ready for the wedding, Steve put on his new slacks and decided they were too long.  So while he was turning up the hems and ironing them, I ran up to a convenience store and bought some duct tape.  He deftly applied the tape and he was good to go.  The duct tape lasted just fine.  He is so sweet.  When Mallory and Jonathan started to exchange their vows, he took my hand and held it.  I teared up, of course.  He later said he was thinking about our vows. P1000952a P1010062a The next morning, a bunch of us met at the Apple Barn for breakfast.  There were nine of us, with one spare gal.  We kept teasing her, asking why she hadn’t she found a man yet.  When we were leaving, the men went to retrieve the cars (in the rain) and all the women were standing under a covered porch, hugging and saying goodbye.  A couple who were leaving were trying to get through our little crowd and one of the girls turned around and told them she thought they were with us.  They smiled and continued to the parking lot.  I called out after the guy and said that he’d almost gotten himself hugged.  He turned around, grinning and said, “I heard that one of you was looking for a man”.  His wife just kept walking.  I don’t think she was amused.P1010075a Four generations – my Dad’s sister, her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

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  1. I LOVE weddings! Thanks for inviting us to this one!
    I'm glad you like my new summer bloggy dress.
    Debbi did a great job.